From Tom Reda of Profit Advisory Group:

We recently brought Joanne for a presentation to the members of our association at a monthly business lunch. Joanne possessed all the credentials and experience we were looking for, and her website was filled with testimonials from very happy clients. Our hope was that she would be as good as advertised. She was better. Joanne knows her stuff. She takes this knowledge and like a master alchemist, combines equal parts of enthusiasm, passion, fun and audience participation to create an entertaining and enjoyable experience that made us laugh, think and take action. In addition to her terrific ideas and suggestions, Joanne provided everyone with healthy treats and recipes. The Q & A lasted forever, and Joanne stayed after the lunch for almost an hour, talking with individual members to answer their questions. Joanne has a unique ability to connect with people, which would explain why her clients love her and she is so successful. If you are looking for an entertaining, knowledgeable, and motivating speaker, or a health and wellness coach to work with you one-on-one, I highly recommend Joanne Zaytoun.

From Steve Montgomery - Charlotte, NC

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Joanne for several years now. Working with her during that time, I have EXPERIENCED the tremendous and life changing benefits she shares through her in-depth knowledge of “how-to’s” in making very simple lifestyle changes for better health and exceptional WELLNESS! Joanne’s clever suggestions and absolutely delicious approach to focusing on the FOOD we eat as the main ingredient in proactively reducing inflammation, fighting disease, simply feeling better and unquestionably living longer and happier lives, is unquestionably the best experience I’ve ever had in making determined improvements for better health and happiness. As a widower with three young children, learning how to take better care of myself is vital towards increasing my odds for longevity! At the very least, I need to do everything I can to get these three kids off to college and on their way . I am convinced that Joanne’s helpful advice, along with a structured and measurable program will contribute significantly to all four members of my family living happier, healthier and longer, more successful lives. In just the past several years, I’ve dropped about 30 lbs and back to my weight when I graduated high school!. My last complete annual physical exam shows my blood pressure in line with that of a 20-something-year-old. All systems are working well above average ;-) and I feel better, I have more energy and I am told that I look better. I simply can’t put a quantifiable value on any of that. Go Joanne!

From Kathleen Johnson - Charlotte, NC

Knowledgeable, informed, passionate, energizing -- as a health and wellness coach, Joanne is all these and more. Simply put, she knows her stuff and knows how to motivate you to achieve as much success as you can.

 My partner and I worked with Joanne for 6 months and we were super satisfied with our results. For one thing, our health “numbers” improved significantly. Joanne can’t do it for you, but she can get you on the right path to better health with the perfect amount of encouragement and process, as well as dedicated care and compassion. Thanks Joanne!

 Kathleen Johnson, Fall 2016

From Jessica Headrick, Scribe Syndicate, Charlotte NC

Joanne has a lifetime of experience and knowledge regarding health and wellness – I should know since researching health topics is part of my job as a freelance writer. However, reading about having a healthier lifestyle and doing it are two different things. I know what I should be doing, but it is Joanne’s enthusiasm and insistence that makes me act on it. She will take me shopping, patiently explain the benefits of certain foods, and find what works specifically for me. That kind of encouragement goes a long way.

Whenever I have a complaint about my general health, Joanne has a solution or recommendation to try. You will understand when you meet her that she is more than a wellness expert, she is a life coach who can relate what you are eating to many common ailments that may be self-inflicted or genetic and impact the way you feel about yourself and your life. If you take her advice, you will see changes in both your body and mindset. The next thing you know, you are taking regular walks or looking into activities to try and your doctor is noticing major changes. I believe in a healthy lifestyle and Joanne can help you achieve it! I am happy to have met her.

From Clarissa Story Felts, Lake Norman, NC

I have known Joanne for many years as a friend of our family. I have always admired her humor and zest for life. I have known her as a savvy business person, a dear friend and an amazing mother to two beautiful daughters. Joanne has been a role model for good health and fitness her entire life. 

I have the utmost trust and confidence in Joanne. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. I am very health conscious and fitness minded. I have never taken prescription medications for chronic illness, so this was troublesome. I did not like the idea of taking synthetic thyroid hormone. I reached out to Joanne to help me determine the best options. She encouraged me to try a line of supplements and alter my diet. Since late March I have been gluten, dairy and mostly sugar free. My blood work has improved to a high normal range in three months of diet modification and supplements. Joanne has been there every step of the way with encouragement and coaching. I am very grateful for her expertise, patience and assistance. She is very knowledgeable and helped me cut through the overwhelming and conflicting information available. Good health is priceless and being proactive is important. I consider myself lucky to have Joanne to ensure my wellness is a top priority.  

From Ann Pearce, Mint Hill, NC

Joanne and I met many times at the Mint Hill Public Library (Joanne drove there to make it more convenient for me…!), when we weren’t scouring grocery and health food stores!!

We worked together twice a month for six months.  I highly recommend her; she’s a special lady!!

List of my accomplishments: 

            Cooking more green and alkaline vegetables (and eating them as well!!!)  Squash is now a real treat:  spaghetti, butternut, etc!

            Exposed to and loving wonderful new salad dressings; without chemicals and preservatives, and delicious!

            Know how to better navigate Publix, Aldi’s and Walmart for the best produce and understand that all packaged goods are not created equal.  Label reading is a must, and spending a bit more money on better products is understandable. Also realize that home cooking is less expensive than eating out and far more nutritious!  Became reacquainted w/ my kitchen!

            Drinking far more water (alkaline as well) and many more herbal teas! 

            Checking sugar content religiously, never knew that “low fat” might translate to High Sugar!

            Utilizing many wonderful spices, and eating better meats (knowing to avoid nitrates and other preservatives in many precooked and prepackaged meats!)

            Understand alkalizing is where I must focus to eliminate the need for more medications to control blood sugar levels and cholesterol, BOTH of which were substantially lower after being on Joanne’s program.

 Most importantly, I have far more energy now, can travel and tackle projects that would have either exhausted me before or I would have avoided at all cost.  I highly recommends Zaytoun Health and Wellness for anyone who wants to be in control of the trajectory of their physical, mental and spiritual health!  Joanne will also share laughs and good times!  This was fun!

From Alicia Chabot in Westchester County, NY

I have been working with Joanne now for about two months and can already feel the difference in so many ways. I  have more energy (no need for those mid afternoon cat naps!), I sleep better, and I just feel so much healthier. I have tons more energy, and so I naturally increase my exercise routine, without it feeling like a "chore". That, along with her healthy eating tips and nutritional supplements, have made my clothes fit better and the scale is moving downward! I never thought I could lose 5 or 6 pounds without depriving myself, or going to an extreme routine, but Joanne has enabled me to discover enjoyable ways to healthy long term weight loss and energy gain! Thank you Joanne!

From Pastor Martha Kearse, St. Johns Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC

After presenting a workshop on Tapping, or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for the St. John’s Ladies Group, Martha sent the comment below.  This year’s theme was “Tapestry,” with a focus on Psalm 139—being wonderfully made and woven together by God from our conception.”  Was a wonderfully interactive event at Kickstand in Charlotte, NC (a wonderful restaurant!), and afterward, Martha offered her complements:

Joanne presents an upbeat, positive seminar which engages each person, inviting them to participate on a personal level. Everything Joanne offered was specific and helpful, and was offered with good humor and a genuine sense of the realities we live in. We loved hearing from her!



From a New Client, February 2016

I have been working with Joanne for three weeks now and already feel so much healthier! Her approach is so normal and not daunting, and she literally will change your life. I love how she is all about adding good things into your diet, and then naturally your body doesn't want the old things that you lived off of that weren't always so good for you. No deprivation, no self guilt, just a very honest, healthy and practical approach to a better lifestyle. She is so easy to work with and incredibly helpful, making all the change easy and very comprehensible.  She will taylor her guidelines to your needs and goals, educate you without lecturing, and her energy and enthusiasm for healthier living is contagious. I feel very grateful to have her in my life to guide me through this exciting journey!

Alicia Chabot

Presentation Attended - Given by Joanne Zaytoun, January 2016

The support group last night was awesome! I appreciate all of your help. Joanne Zaytoun is very inspiring. I enjoyed listening to her speak. She knows how to catch the audience. She is great! I would love to have her again at some point to speak to the families that missed this opportunity.                                              Sincerely,Grace Gallozzi, LPN                                                            

Bridge To Rediscovery Director                                                       

The Laurels & The Haven in Highland Creek                                    

Charlotte, NC 28269

I first met Joanne when we both worked for an independent retirement community.  Joanne was amazing in her caring, resourcefulness and counseling way with the seniors which she considered family.

Recently, Joanne has worked with me at many of the senior groups throughout Cabarrus and Mecklenburg County. 

We have benefited from her thorough, captivating, knowledgeable, and creative talks. As a speaker she makes her talks user friendly, real world, fun with realistic goals that all will enjoy.

On a personal level Joanne helped my daughter reduce her eczema flare ups.   Joanne thoroughly researched her condition and was extremely helpful in suggesting natural remedies enabling her to keep her eczema under control without costly, unhealthy drugs.

If you need a speaker that provides an educational, entertaining, and thought provoking interactive talk reach out to Joanne.

Michelle McDonald                                                                              

Marketing/Sales Director                                                               

BrightStar of Cabarrus/North Mecklenburg

Dear Friends:

I am writing you to recommend to you Joanne Zaytoun as a speaker/presenter, and her business, Zaytoun Health and Wellness. Joanne is an enthusiastic and accessible presenter on issues of health and wellness who can connect to your people and help them as they work toward whole body health. Joanne is able to approach personal health from a view that’s broader than weight loss or simple prevention. For our programs, Joanne covered diet, attentive listening, auto-immune diseases, exercise, and whole body awareness—she even taught the benefits of making tea!

Joanne has a great passion for her work and for wellness and communicates this beautifully in her presentations. She also has made herself available as a resource that people have access to when they have questions about their health or their options. I recommend her to you highly.


Rev. Martha Dixon Kearse 

St. John’s Baptist Church

I’ve know Joanne for forty + years as friend and advisor:

Joanne’s life and experience and expertise make her perfectly suited to be an excellent health and wellness coach. She’s helped families find healthy options for their senior parents, she’s helped diabetics improve their health, and she’s raised two very healthy daughters. She’s kept herself fit, trim, and young through the years by staying active, by regularly working out, and by paying attention to new information out there that’s credible and relevant for maintaining and regaining good health and fitness. 

Joanne becomes your best cheerleader! She’s very effective at inspiring people to want to get moving literally and also to get moving in their life in new, positive directions.  She’s a great listener, empathic by nature, encouraging and upbeat, yet also direct.  I have very much appreciated and benefited from her example, her wisdom, and her encouragement! 

Sue Stoudemire