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Meet Joanne Zaytoun        Your Health Coach

Our health is at risk!  Have you heard that Diabetes and Obesity are at epidemic levels?  Do you feel stressed, over-worked, and worried that you and your family are at risk as well? If so, you’re not alone and there IS help available to reverse this trajectory!

Joanne Zaytoun began her coaching years ago as a Dental Hygienist and later in the Senior Living field and at a Diabetes clinic.  We DON’T have to succumb to the diseases looming in our paths, nor do we have to live a boring and mundane existence if we want to be healthy!  REAL FOOD can taste fabulous, and Joanne will show you how!  

Grocery Store Tours

Trips to the Farmers Markets

Breathing Techniques

Realistic and Achievable Goals

Smiles, Laughter, Camaraderie

Exercise For Today

Joanne will suggest changes that are realistic and achievable, that can be measured,  just as ANY COACH would!  Joanne makes her clients accountable and will keep this process positive and your goals possible.

Let’s talk!  Call her today!